Walter Barrionuevo - Bass   Gregorio Kochian - Vocals & Guitars Flavio Coscarella - Drums


PRION born in Argentina (Buenos Aires) in 1994.

On 1997, the band recorded his first EP called "Corpse Dissection", which received a very good response from the local underground scene. The band plays a mixture between death-metal and thrash-metal. After several member changes, the band made his first show with the following initial line-up: Gregorio Kochian (vocals and guitars), Diego Braña (guitars), Iñaki (bass) and Marcelo Russo (drums).

Corpse Dissection - 1997

On 2001, Walter Barrionuevo enters to PRION to play bass replacing Iñaki. Then, over the 2003, PRION recorded his first album called "Time of Plagues" under the label Furias Records (Argentina). The spirit of this album is based within the death-meta style, although with some parts with black-metal, including some influence of the thrash-metal roots. Higher musical creativity, better sound quality, direct feelings in the lyrics inspired on the war, pain and constant embrace with the death. Bands like Carcass, Death and Morbid Angel were a big influence. Although PRION searches his own music, style and sound; trying to grow with more strength and power.

Time of Plagues - 2008

On 2004, Rodrigo Robledo temporarily replaces Marcelo Russo on drums, who returns (Marcelo) again in 2006. Diego Braña (on guitars) leaves the group and establishes a new PRION as a trio band, maintaining that kind of format till today.

In 2007, PRION recorded the EP "Psalmodian Wrath", which was a preview material of the next studio album.

Psalmodian Wrath - 2007

With some tracks of "Impressions", on May of 2011 Comatose Music publishes the split "Torso Trauma" with great bands of extreme international scene such as: Antropophagus (Italy), Putridity (Italy), Infected Flesh (Spain / Netherlands) and Mass Infection (Greece).

"Impressions", edited by Comatose Music (USA) into 2008 shows a musically growth, with much more extreme and technical inclination; in the vein of bands like Hate Eternal, Nile and Immolation. With this material, the band starts to play and travel through Argentina with his music, as well making two presentations on different dates into Uruguay. Belonging into a label like Comatose Music, the band begins to be more recognizable and powerful in other places around the world.

Impressions - 2008

In June 2011, PRION makes his 1st European Tour; where some shows from that gigs were into the East Europe, playing in Hungary, Croatia and Macedonia. It was a great experience and a great success this first tour for the band, to win forces for the upcoming projects.
The next year, over September of 2012, PRION made the 2nd European Tour, going with two bands at this time: Ingurgitate (USA) and Merciless Precision (England). Within this tour, the band participated in several important festivals of extreme music like the "NRW Death Fest" (Wermelschiken, Germany), "GrindHoven" (at Dynamo Eindhoven, Holland) and "Morbide Fest Piele" (Bischofswerda, Germany).



In June 2015, the double album "Uncertain Process" was released, and again through the label Comatose Music (USA). In addition to the 10 tracks from this new album, the production includes a bonus live DVD called "This Is How Argentina Bled" filmed by Heresy Videoclips at The Roxy Live in Argentina. The CD album was recorded at the band's own studio, making an important hop for the career of PRION. That hop, not only for the superior sound quality of the material, also in terms of musical composition too; more over into the extreme technical death-metal. The band received great critics from the fans, and excellent reviews from various medias. This record, was also included in several lists of "International best albums of the 2015".

Uncertain Process - 2015

On September of the same 2015 year, comes the 3rd European tour with two bands of great caliber in the world: Avulsed (Spain) and Natron (Italy). It was a professionally great experience for PRION share many gigs with that kind of bands that are from the professional circuit in the world, as well participating again in many festivals included into this important tour.

At the end of the 2015, after several years in PRION, Marcelo Russo lefts the band. He was replaced by Flavio Coscarella, the current drummer.

Today PRION is working with the priority on his next studio album to be recorded soon during this 2016. Also, making more live shows!

In Argentina and during different years, PRION shared the stage with great international bands such:
Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Nile, Deicide, Vader, Pestilence, Obituary, Mayhem, Agathocles and Pentagram.

In Europe, with many important bands too:
Krisiun, Vader, Vile, Sadistic Intent, Vulvectomy, Smoked Pimple, Dead Congregation, Putridity, Pro-Pain, Lacerated & Carbonized, Dehumanizer, Heaving Hearth, Infected Flesh, Cruciamentum, Malignant Tumour, Resurrected , Atomic Aggressor, Brutally Deceased, Formless Terror, Executor Exotist, Mind Holocaust, Near Death Condition. And going on tour with Avulsed and Natron.

And throughout his career, PRION plays with a lot of local Argentine bands, playing over all the country. These are just a few: Absemia, Avernal, Bloodfiend, Brutal Noise, Burden Rage, Dementaria, Demoniac Infected, Devast, Devius, Dislepsia, Dunkelstorm, Ecliptic Sunset, Encoffined, Eternal Grave, Exsanguination Throne, Fibroma, Inhumation, Insidious, Jason, Low End, Mastifal, Matan SA, Mordor, Necroabortion, Necrophiliac, Neoplasia, Pogrom, Serpentor, Social Shit, Psicosfera, Sadistic Kill, No Mercy, Tropa Noise, Tungsteno, Vibrion, Victimario, and many more ...

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